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Future: Mobile Gaming

August 20, 2011

I am sorry for the delay for anyone that reads. My GF and I had our first year anniversary. So, I was busy. I’ve also been trying to come up with some fresh topic and I put a tweet and status update (on Google+ and FaceBook) asking for any suggestions. The pair of topics I got back were “console vs. mobile [gaming]” and “minesweeper! expert speed runs!” They are both good topics too. I am definitely thinking about a Minesweeper speed run post now but I think I need to give my opinion on the other gamine subjects (consoles and mobile) before I can compare them.

How do I start this? I don’t think mobile games and console game go against each other. It’s definitely not the war the computer vs console gaming has right now. I think that console/computer gaming is on one side having their war while mobile gaming is on the other side just watching and doing it’s own thing. No one really sees the mobile gaming and trying to take over as the dominate way to play video games but it looks like it is going to do that without anyone noticing.

Most, if not all, gamers have a mobile phone. It doesn’t matter if they are a computer or a console player. When those gamers are away from their respected style of game they still want to play a game to pass some time. What do they turn to then? Mobile gaming because not everyone has a laptop and console gamers wouldn’t use it for games anyway. They don’t even count it as “gaming” because they only do it for 10-30mins at most but that amount of time can grow quickly over a week [for example] of casual playing. By the time the week is up, they’ve got close to 4 hours of play time on their mobile device if they only played once a day.

I was talking with my mom about the subject and she had another good point about mobile gaming. It is becoming increasingly popular to be playing a mobile game while you wait somewhere. It also allows people to play games where they don’t have to interact with other players. You say console and computer games have the same thing with single player game but the mobile person doesn’t have to stay in their house like a hermit. They can go out with their friends and get some game time in while they’re alone. It keeps people from placing you in the typical ‘gamer’ stereotype. The one that people think you’re a 35 year old fat man living in a basement of your mother’s house.

In the end, mobile gaming is going to take over but not completely. There is always going to be computer and console players. There will always be a war between the computer and console players but they will have common ground while they stand around because they’re both playing Angry Birds or Plants Vs. Zombies.

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