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The League

September 3, 2011

I know I haven’t put up a post in a while. It’s been quite busy around here and I haven’t really wanted to write. I know a lot of people know the game I am writing about today: League of Legends. If any of you don’t know, it’s a game that is modeled off an old Warcraft 3 game mod called DOTA.

When a match starts you are able to pick one champion to use and you cannot switch in a match. Your champion levels up and gains equipment to help them fight better during the game. The goal is to kill your enemy’s base but you have to work your way through a set of “towers” before you are allowed to assault their base itself. Each team’s base will spawn waves of mobs to help and they will attack anyone in their ‘lane.’ They go for other mobs and towers before champions though. The mobs will attack champions directly if the enemy champion attacks an allied champion or there is nothing else in range. When a champion kills another champion, a mob or a building, they will receive extra gold to spend on equipment. The equipment is used to make your champion stronger and specific buying orders are called ‘builds.’

There are a lot of DOTA style games out there right now. So, why do I play League of Legends? Well, it’s because it’s free to play and that’s always good for me but I like the game art style. Each week, you will get seven champions to try for free. While you are playing, you gain ‘Influence Points’ that can be used to permanently unlock champions for you. My advice for anyone starting to play is to save all of their ‘Influence Points’ until they are 100% sure that’s the champion they want to buy. You can also pay money to unlock champions but I don’t see the need for it unless you cannot wait to have that champion. I only use my money to unlock custom skins for my champions. Again for new people, I wouldn’t rush out and buy anything unless you know you’re going to play for a long time.

I currently own 24 champions that are unlocked all the time but I do my buying differently. I buy all the cheap champions first. It lets me play a variety of play styles without having to wait for the champion(s) to be unlocked in the weekly rotation. I usually lean towards the tanks and melee damage champions. I’ve always preferred to be up in the enemy’s face when I kill them. If anyone wants to play, you can find me under my usual ‘Biotox’ screen name.

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