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Adeptus Astartes

September 26, 2011

I played through the Space Marine in about 6 to 7 hours on the ‘Hard’ difficulty. After beating the campaign, I thought it would of been too short if I had played on a lower difficulty because the ‘Hard’ didn’t really slow me down. The campaign itself is really good though, even if it is very linear. The graphics made me feel like I was a true Space Marine sent to beat the crap out of Orks that are attacking an Imperium Forge World. Everywhere you go there is something to kill.

You play Captain Titus of the Ultramarines. Your mission is to keep Orks from getting a Warlord class Titan, a machine used by the Imperium to attack planets. I can’t really give that much more of the story without giving away some spoilers; I’m sure you have read other reviews already though. So, I’ll just say it’s not always just Orks. The only thing I didn’t like in the campaign was the last ‘fight’ because it really wasn’t much of a fight on the hard difficulty. They make it feel like I could do it on easy and it will feel the same. I also wasn’t a fan of the melee system. I think some of the swings are based on the direction button you are holding. So if I was strafing, Titus would turn that direction to attack and not attack the direction I was pointing the camera.

What about multiplayer? Of course, I played the multiplayer. I don’t think I was doing too well when I started though, not having all the weapons/perks limits you to what you can play until they are unlocked. The whole thing had a Modern Warfare 2 feel to it mixed with the third-person view of Gears of War. At least, the game isn’t about getting to cover the entire time. Now, I’ve got a few options open but I still haven’t got a lot of the perks because you have to use the specific weapon to unlock them. It’s like, ‘kill 40 people with gun {name here}’ and it doesn’t sound that hard until you are trying to do it and everyone else has an upgraded version of the gun.

Do I think the game was worth the money? Hell yeah! I’m sure I am going to be playing the crap out of the multiplayer. I might go back to the campaign and see if I can finish some achievements but I’m not really that big on having to compete them all unless I am bored to death. Pick it up. Play it. Add me to your friends list and we can be ‘battle brothers’ online!

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