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Secondary Review: Space Marine

October 1, 2011

Space MarineI think my review or option of Space Marine came off a bit negative in my last post. I don’t think I enjoyed the multiplayer that much because I was having a lot of lag while playing the game. Since my last post, I figured out what caused all the lag. Now, I am able to run and gun like a real Space Marine. It changed the game drastically when I wasn’t getting a Melta or some jump infantry all over me any time I stepped out past a wall.

What do I think of the game now? It’s still awesome. My brother and I have already racked up about 40 hours of game time. I think he’s working on the campaign still but we both are enjoying the online part. We will be sitting there and then yell out, “Did you see that kill?!” I think that’s a good sign when you yell across the house with excitement.

The game does still give the the feeling that I am playing a game like Modern Warfare but I think it is just because of the ‘perks’ system. I don’t really think there is any other way they could of gone without making it a standard, ‘select your pre-built loadout here’ type of system. I want to see if THQ is going to add more guns (probably not), races (good chance) and maps (I’m sure this will happen) to the online side. In terms of the campaign, I think they could get away with some good DLC to give it more life.

I think my favorite part of the game is actually getting to customize my Space Marine/Chaos Marine. They have a good selection of armors and colors available. My marine looks like a veteran captain of the 6th Company of Ultramarine. Anyone that has read the Space Marine’s codex will know what I am talking about but the rest can look at the picture.

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