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All Over The Place

November 9, 2011

I know, it’s been a while since my last post. I even had to update my list of games I owned and/or played. The newest games I added to my list are Battlefield 3, Forsaken World, Tribes: Ascend (beta). I also revisited Bloodlines Champions to see how it’s been going since the last time I played. I’ve just been really busy trying new games (and real-life things) that I haven’t found the time to write a new post. To keep this post simple, I’ll do a quick rundown of each game I mentioned.

Battlefield 3:

Right now, my computer has a heart-attack when I fire this game up. I did manage to get a few rounds in where I was surprised I was able to help my team at all. I cannot really comment on this game too much since I only had about an hour or so playing it before I decided I would rather not burn my computer down from the work I was making my CPU/GPU do to grind through the graphics. The little bit that I did play makes me want to upgrade my computer though. It had the standard tanks, jets, jeeps and foot soldiers that you could see in the other games. What is new then? Well, it looked better and you can blow through walls. That doesn’t sound like a lot of changes? Who cares, the games looked great and played just as good as the old ones. I will need to come back to this one though.

Forsaken World:

This is a MMORPG that a friend told me to try. It is free-to-play. The beginning of the game is very boring if you’re not interested in the plot. If you do pay attention to it, the story isn’t all that bad. The graphics for the game are pretty good as well but the fighting is a little too spank-and-tank for me right now. I am going to work through this game a bit more to see if some of the end-game is worth it though. It definitely has that Asian MMO feel to it too. It’s one of the only games I’ve decided to roll a woman character because the men look like they might as well be female… Try this game if you are into the MMO scene. It’s free. So, you can always quit if it’s not your style and you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your money.

Tribes: Ascend:

I have been drooling over this games since I’ve seen game-play hit the Internet. The original game came out in 1998 and I remember staying awake at all hours to play it. Why is/was it so good? You got to fly around! It was also a highly tactical game for an FPS. You could destroy the enemies base and force them to throw bodies at you while they got it up and running again. The same was true for the enemy though. You had to protect/repair your base to keep people supplied and turrets firing. The whole time this is going on, people are zooming across the maps as high speed and heights trying to capture the flag.

How does the new one compare? It is a bit simplified right now. You are not reliant on your base that much at the moment since you spawn with all your equipment. The game is only in beta testing right now though. So, it could change by the time the game goes ‘gold’ and the masses flood into the servers. The game-play that is there though is fast as the old one and just as addictive. It takes me back to when I first started playing as a kid and that’s a good thing! I missed being able to put an explosive disc into someone’s face as they try to run a cap route. Good times.

Other Games

I still continue to play League of Legends and I played a few rounds of Bloodline Champions. Both of these games are still free-to-play, both really good and close in concept but work entirely different. I still recommend these games to people if they are looking to try something new.

As you can see, I’ve been busy dabbling in new games. I am going to go back to playing now. If you recommend some free-to-play games or any games, I’ll try to give them a shot. I am always in for something new to play.

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