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December 5, 2011

I really need to write more posts but it’s been a bit crazy around here. I did manage to get two more games before some stuff required my extra money. I bought into Tribes: Ascend’s beta and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I am going to just say this, there is no point about me writing a review for Skyrim. There really isn’t a way that two people will really play it the same. Do I like the game? I think that’s an understatement. Do I think you should get the game? Yes. If you wanted to know, I play a stealth/fighter-ish type of character. My brother and I have already clocked 100+ hours in Skyrim and have 40 of 50 achievements done. So, buy it now!

What about Tribes: Ascend? That’s another really good game. It’s still in beta testing. So, you will have to apply to get in the testing or pay for the VIP package (like I did). The game in the latest installment to the Tribes games. It’s not the best of the series but it does bring me back to when I was playing the first one as a young gamer. It is also the game that got me into playing FPS style games. There are a couple game modes in the beta and they are Rabbit, Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch. When the game comes out, it will be free to play. So, you don’t have to worry about investing money to give it a try.

I am going to keep this one short. I am in the middle of a League of Legends match. It’s loading now. Time to go!

— Continuation —

It seems I talked about Tribes already. Well, buy it then. I shouldn’t have to mention it a second time. I haven’t played it as much as some of my other games but I do like it when I am in the mood to just shoot and fly. I’ve also been keeping up more with League of Legends, if you couldn’t tell from my abrupt ending of the post. I also got a game called Terraia. I only played it for about an hour…

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