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Digging Again

December 16, 2011

I have a ton of new games this month thanks to Steam. They are having sales on game every day that reduces the games price by 75% and it allows me to pick up games that I wouldn’t of bought at full price. I also got in on the new Humble Indie Bundle and it gave me seven new games. The good thing about the Humble Bundle is it lets you name your own price and you can tell how much of what you’re paying will go to charity. That’s right, you get to name your own price, it will help out a charity and you get a lot of cool games you probably haven’t heard about or thought about playing. The Humble Bundle can also be activated on Steam. So, you can download them on any computer you already have with Steam installed.

I bought Orcs Must Die! and Terraria from Steam at the 75% off price. I got Super Meat Boy, Cave Story+, Jamestown, BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Shank, Night Sky HD and Gratuitous Space Battles from the Humble Bundle. Side Note: You can still get the Humble Bundle for 11 more days, as of this post, for any price you want to pay. My total list of games on Steam is now 61; I activated my old Humble Bundles too.

I haven’t had the change to play them all yet but the one’s I’ve tried are Orcs Must Die!, Terraria, Jamestown. None of these games are similar. Orcs Must Die! is a third-person tower defense style game. Terraria is a 2D hybrid of Mario, Metroid and MineCraft. Jamestown is 2D top-down shooting game. All of them are really fun to play though. I have spent the most time playing Terraria, to be honest. Since I am a fan of MineCraft this game really interested me even before I bought it. These are also the only games I have known to make me ‘rage quit’ because I will die really far underground and not be able to get my items back. I don’t like to play games on ‘easy’ though. So, I will take my butt being kicked and then come back to give it another shot. You don’t get better at the game by playing it on easy. I guess you could use it to learn, like playing against the AI in League of Legends. I think I am going to have to write a post about each of the games I try though or this will turn into a really long post.

I keep reading my last post and I think I need to just delete it. I don’t know what my topic really was about in that one…


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