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Refresh Course

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote a post. The real world has been keeping my busy. It’s all that work and stuff. I am going to make an effort to try to post regularly again and I have been keeping up with my game play. I tried a lot of the games I got in my Humble Bundle and they’re awesome. I think there are only a couple there weren’t really my style but it doesn’t mean they were bad games.

What has changed? Well, I don’t play as much League of Legends. I’ve tried a free to play Gundam game that’s a lot of fun and a turn-based RPG that I got on sale in December; I just got around to trying it. I have a new MineCraft server that I am building a new castle in with my friend. I lost the files from my other server. My subscription for EVE Online is active again because my brothers wants me to play with them but I am not sure how long that’s going to last. Also, I found out one of my friends has been playing Tribes: Ascend. I’m hoping to play some more of that now. We played for a little bit yesterday and, I have to say, the game has come a long way since the first time I tried it. I’m really excited to get some more time in on Tribes.

You can see there has been a lot going on around here in the past couple months. I am going to try and get some more game reviews done soon too. I have to get one in for a game called Dungeons of Dreadmor. I didn’t think it was going to be that great when I started to play but I am horrible addicted now. I am not going to get into much detail on here, it would ruin the review post. I’ll say this though, it’s on Steam for $5.

That’s it for now. I just wanted to let people know I am still around and I have new content planned. I just have to write it now and schedule it for publishing. I might branch out into other topics if anyone has suggestions. You can leave them in the comments.


Digging Again

I have a ton of new games this month thanks to Steam. They are having sales on game every day that reduces the games price by 75% and it allows me to pick up games that I wouldn’t of bought at full price. I also got in on the new Humble Indie Bundle and it gave me seven new games. The good thing about the Humble Bundle is it lets you name your own price and you can tell how much of what you’re paying will go to charity. That’s right, you get to name your own price, it will help out a charity and you get a lot of cool games you probably haven’t heard about or thought about playing. The Humble Bundle can also be activated on Steam. So, you can download them on any computer you already have with Steam installed.

I bought Orcs Must Die! and Terraria from Steam at the 75% off price. I got Super Meat Boy, Cave Story+, Jamestown, BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Shank, Night Sky HD and Gratuitous Space Battles from the Humble Bundle. Side Note: You can still get the Humble Bundle for 11 more days, as of this post, for any price you want to pay. My total list of games on Steam is now 61; I activated my old Humble Bundles too.

I haven’t had the change to play them all yet but the one’s I’ve tried are Orcs Must Die!, Terraria, Jamestown. None of these games are similar. Orcs Must Die! is a third-person tower defense style game. Terraria is a 2D hybrid of Mario, Metroid and MineCraft. Jamestown is 2D top-down shooting game. All of them are really fun to play though. I have spent the most time playing Terraria, to be honest. Since I am a fan of MineCraft this game really interested me even before I bought it. These are also the only games I have known to make me ‘rage quit’ because I will die really far underground and not be able to get my items back. I don’t like to play games on ‘easy’ though. So, I will take my butt being kicked and then come back to give it another shot. You don’t get better at the game by playing it on easy. I guess you could use it to learn, like playing against the AI in League of Legends. I think I am going to have to write a post about each of the games I try though or this will turn into a really long post.

I keep reading my last post and I think I need to just delete it. I don’t know what my topic really was about in that one…

Ascended Gaming

I really need to write more posts but it’s been a bit crazy around here. I did manage to get two more games before some stuff required my extra money. I bought into Tribes: Ascend’s beta and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I am going to just say this, there is no point about me writing a review for Skyrim. There really isn’t a way that two people will really play it the same. Do I like the game? I think that’s an understatement. Do I think you should get the game? Yes. If you wanted to know, I play a stealth/fighter-ish type of character. My brother and I have already clocked 100+ hours in Skyrim and have 40 of 50 achievements done. So, buy it now!

What about Tribes: Ascend? That’s another really good game. It’s still in beta testing. So, you will have to apply to get in the testing or pay for the VIP package (like I did). The game in the latest installment to the Tribes games. It’s not the best of the series but it does bring me back to when I was playing the first one as a young gamer. It is also the game that got me into playing FPS style games. There are a couple game modes in the beta and they are Rabbit, Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch. When the game comes out, it will be free to play. So, you don’t have to worry about investing money to give it a try.

I am going to keep this one short. I am in the middle of a League of Legends match. It’s loading now. Time to go!

— Continuation —

It seems I talked about Tribes already. Well, buy it then. I shouldn’t have to mention it a second time. I haven’t played it as much as some of my other games but I do like it when I am in the mood to just shoot and fly. I’ve also been keeping up more with League of Legends, if you couldn’t tell from my abrupt ending of the post. I also got a game called Terraia. I only played it for about an hour…

All Over The Place

I know, it’s been a while since my last post. I even had to update my list of games I owned and/or played. The newest games I added to my list are Battlefield 3, Forsaken World, Tribes: Ascend (beta). I also revisited Bloodlines Champions to see how it’s been going since the last time I played. I’ve just been really busy trying new games (and real-life things) that I haven’t found the time to write a new post. To keep this post simple, I’ll do a quick rundown of each game I mentioned.

Battlefield 3:

Right now, my computer has a heart-attack when I fire this game up. I did manage to get a few rounds in where I was surprised I was able to help my team at all. I cannot really comment on this game too much since I only had about an hour or so playing it before I decided I would rather not burn my computer down from the work I was making my CPU/GPU do to grind through the graphics. The little bit that I did play makes me want to upgrade my computer though. It had the standard tanks, jets, jeeps and foot soldiers that you could see in the other games. What is new then? Well, it looked better and you can blow through walls. That doesn’t sound like a lot of changes? Who cares, the games looked great and played just as good as the old ones. I will need to come back to this one though.

Forsaken World:

This is a MMORPG that a friend told me to try. It is free-to-play. The beginning of the game is very boring if you’re not interested in the plot. If you do pay attention to it, the story isn’t all that bad. The graphics for the game are pretty good as well but the fighting is a little too spank-and-tank for me right now. I am going to work through this game a bit more to see if some of the end-game is worth it though. It definitely has that Asian MMO feel to it too. It’s one of the only games I’ve decided to roll a woman character because the men look like they might as well be female… Try this game if you are into the MMO scene. It’s free. So, you can always quit if it’s not your style and you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your money.

Tribes: Ascend:

I have been drooling over this games since I’ve seen game-play hit the Internet. The original game came out in 1998 and I remember staying awake at all hours to play it. Why is/was it so good? You got to fly around! It was also a highly tactical game for an FPS. You could destroy the enemies base and force them to throw bodies at you while they got it up and running again. The same was true for the enemy though. You had to protect/repair your base to keep people supplied and turrets firing. The whole time this is going on, people are zooming across the maps as high speed and heights trying to capture the flag.

How does the new one compare? It is a bit simplified right now. You are not reliant on your base that much at the moment since you spawn with all your equipment. The game is only in beta testing right now though. So, it could change by the time the game goes ‘gold’ and the masses flood into the servers. The game-play that is there though is fast as the old one and just as addictive. It takes me back to when I first started playing as a kid and that’s a good thing! I missed being able to put an explosive disc into someone’s face as they try to run a cap route. Good times.

Other Games

I still continue to play League of Legends and I played a few rounds of Bloodline Champions. Both of these games are still free-to-play, both really good and close in concept but work entirely different. I still recommend these games to people if they are looking to try something new.

As you can see, I’ve been busy dabbling in new games. I am going to go back to playing now. If you recommend some free-to-play games or any games, I’ll try to give them a shot. I am always in for something new to play.

Secondary Review: Space Marine

Space MarineI think my review or option of Space Marine came off a bit negative in my last post. I don’t think I enjoyed the multiplayer that much because I was having a lot of lag while playing the game. Since my last post, I figured out what caused all the lag. Now, I am able to run and gun like a real Space Marine. It changed the game drastically when I wasn’t getting a Melta or some jump infantry all over me any time I stepped out past a wall.

What do I think of the game now? It’s still awesome. My brother and I have already racked up about 40 hours of game time. I think he’s working on the campaign still but we both are enjoying the online part. We will be sitting there and then yell out, “Did you see that kill?!” I think that’s a good sign when you yell across the house with excitement.

The game does still give the the feeling that I am playing a game like Modern Warfare but I think it is just because of the ‘perks’ system. I don’t really think there is any other way they could of gone without making it a standard, ‘select your pre-built loadout here’ type of system. I want to see if THQ is going to add more guns (probably not), races (good chance) and maps (I’m sure this will happen) to the online side. In terms of the campaign, I think they could get away with some good DLC to give it more life.

I think my favorite part of the game is actually getting to customize my Space Marine/Chaos Marine. They have a good selection of armors and colors available. My marine looks like a veteran captain of the 6th Company of Ultramarine. Anyone that has read the Space Marine’s codex will know what I am talking about but the rest can look at the picture.

Adeptus Astartes

I played through the Space Marine in about 6 to 7 hours on the ‘Hard’ difficulty. After beating the campaign, I thought it would of been too short if I had played on a lower difficulty because the ‘Hard’ didn’t really slow me down. The campaign itself is really good though, even if it is very linear. The graphics made me feel like I was a true Space Marine sent to beat the crap out of Orks that are attacking an Imperium Forge World. Everywhere you go there is something to kill.

You play Captain Titus of the Ultramarines. Your mission is to keep Orks from getting a Warlord class Titan, a machine used by the Imperium to attack planets. I can’t really give that much more of the story without giving away some spoilers; I’m sure you have read other reviews already though. So, I’ll just say it’s not always just Orks. The only thing I didn’t like in the campaign was the last ‘fight’ because it really wasn’t much of a fight on the hard difficulty. They make it feel like I could do it on easy and it will feel the same. I also wasn’t a fan of the melee system. I think some of the swings are based on the direction button you are holding. So if I was strafing, Titus would turn that direction to attack and not attack the direction I was pointing the camera.

What about multiplayer? Of course, I played the multiplayer. I don’t think I was doing too well when I started though, not having all the weapons/perks limits you to what you can play until they are unlocked. The whole thing had a Modern Warfare 2 feel to it mixed with the third-person view of Gears of War. At least, the game isn’t about getting to cover the entire time. Now, I’ve got a few options open but I still haven’t got a lot of the perks because you have to use the specific weapon to unlock them. It’s like, ‘kill 40 people with gun {name here}’ and it doesn’t sound that hard until you are trying to do it and everyone else has an upgraded version of the gun.

Do I think the game was worth the money? Hell yeah! I’m sure I am going to be playing the crap out of the multiplayer. I might go back to the campaign and see if I can finish some achievements but I’m not really that big on having to compete them all unless I am bored to death. Pick it up. Play it. Add me to your friends list and we can be ‘battle brothers’ online!

Enter The Space Hulk

Space Hulk: Death AngelToday I decided to look through Barnes & Nobles board games section. I’m not sure what made me want to look through them but I am glad I did because I spotted a Warhammer 40k card game called ‘Space Hulk: Death Angel.’ I casually read over the box and thought it was a cool idea for a card game. When I noticed that it was only $20, I bought it right away. Only Warhammer can make me run out and buy something. I really enjoy the content/background of the Warhammer universe. It can be said that it’s probably the only subject that makes me ramble on like a ‘Fan Boy’ anymore.

Rob, my brother, and I decided to play a game to get a feel for the rules. A couple hours later… I mean 5 hours later, we finally win the third game. This game does not take it easy on the players. It’s like, “Oh, I’m sorry. Your Space Marine was ripped apart!” It’s a good change of pace from most board games where you can just win. Finally beating the two Brood Lords was great and it made us want to play some more but we ended up getting our butts kicked in the first location.

Space Hulk win
The game is for 1 to 6 players. All of the players work on the same team and control a combat squad of Space Marines, Rob and I got 2 squads each (4 total) since there was less then 4 players. You get a set of card for each squad and the cards allow you to issue an action to your marines. You can only make one action per turn. Each player picks an action for their squad(s) and places them face-down on the table. Once everyone has picked, all the action cards are revealed and the lowest numbered card goes first. The actions allow you to move/activate, support (your team) or attack (enemies). After the actions are done, the aliens on the ship get to attempt to kill your marines (if they survived your action phase). The player with the lowest action card gets to draw an event card. They allow the game to spawn more aliens, affect or help the marines. The object is to get to the last location and complete the victory condition. We managed to get to one and it was to kill 2 Brood Lords. It came down to our last 2 marines but we finally did it with the help of an Event card that made his alien bodyguards disappear.

If you have $20, like Warhammer themed games, and card games you should get this game. It was a lot of fun and wasn’t that hard to learn. You can play it by yourself if you wanted to burn some time. The game was definitely worth the money.

What I’ve Been Playing

Again, another slack in my blog but I haven’t had much of variety when playing games lately. I’ve continued to play League of Legends in my free time but I have had my eye on Warhammer 40k: Space Marine. The only problem is I don’t have the cash right now to buy it. I’ve managed to run my Legaue of Legends record in close to 1:1 (win:loss) in the normal picks. I’m not too worried about the record though since I’ve been trying new characters; I recently got Yorick and Trundle. I’m not level 30. So, I can’t play the ranked games yet and it looks like the “Dominion” game is going to be released soon too. I’m looking forward to giving “Dominion” a try because it seems more about the players and not about pushing your lane(s).

I cannot decide who I want as my main League of Legends character. I like to play a lot of the champions and it makes it hard to decide when I am unlocking new ones that I like playing as much as my ‘old’ ones. I think, I have narrowed it down to a couple though. I will be Yorick, Singed, or Trundle right now. I rarely see a Trundle player and no one plays Yorick. Everyone says Yorick sucks but I’ve carried some games with a Yorick that cannot be killed (easily). I don’t think people realize that for Yorick to be good, he has to spawn a lot of minions. Each minion that Yorick has makes him harder to kill and do more damage. With close to 30 champions now, it is still hard for me to make up my mind about which will be my main character. I usually play whatever type of champion is missing from our team.

I also haven’t been playing Warhammer 40k on the tabletop. I haven’t really had the time to sit and paint my army. I did go to the Games-Workshop store a couple weeks ago to see how it was to play at the official store. It was just like being at a local gaming store but you would get the occasional person asking questions about what game we are playing. They always seem interested until they see the price they would need to pay to get into the hobby. It always makes me laugh a bit when they are scooting out of the store like we told them they had to pay it in blood.

I think that’s about all of the updates I have about gaming right now. I am still waiting to see if a Diablo 3 beta invite will show up in my email but I doubt it. If I do get an invite and they have no NDA, I will make sure to write a blog about it.

The League

I know I haven’t put up a post in a while. It’s been quite busy around here and I haven’t really wanted to write. I know a lot of people know the game I am writing about today: League of Legends. If any of you don’t know, it’s a game that is modeled off an old Warcraft 3 game mod called DOTA.

When a match starts you are able to pick one champion to use and you cannot switch in a match. Your champion levels up and gains equipment to help them fight better during the game. The goal is to kill your enemy’s base but you have to work your way through a set of “towers” before you are allowed to assault their base itself. Each team’s base will spawn waves of mobs to help and they will attack anyone in their ‘lane.’ They go for other mobs and towers before champions though. The mobs will attack champions directly if the enemy champion attacks an allied champion or there is nothing else in range. When a champion kills another champion, a mob or a building, they will receive extra gold to spend on equipment. The equipment is used to make your champion stronger and specific buying orders are called ‘builds.’

There are a lot of DOTA style games out there right now. So, why do I play League of Legends? Well, it’s because it’s free to play and that’s always good for me but I like the game art style. Each week, you will get seven champions to try for free. While you are playing, you gain ‘Influence Points’ that can be used to permanently unlock champions for you. My advice for anyone starting to play is to save all of their ‘Influence Points’ until they are 100% sure that’s the champion they want to buy. You can also pay money to unlock champions but I don’t see the need for it unless you cannot wait to have that champion. I only use my money to unlock custom skins for my champions. Again for new people, I wouldn’t rush out and buy anything unless you know you’re going to play for a long time.

I currently own 24 champions that are unlocked all the time but I do my buying differently. I buy all the cheap champions first. It lets me play a variety of play styles without having to wait for the champion(s) to be unlocked in the weekly rotation. I usually lean towards the tanks and melee damage champions. I’ve always preferred to be up in the enemy’s face when I kill them. If anyone wants to play, you can find me under my usual ‘Biotox’ screen name.

Future: Mobile Gaming

I am sorry for the delay for anyone that reads. My GF and I had our first year anniversary. So, I was busy. I’ve also been trying to come up with some fresh topic and I put a tweet and status update (on Google+ and FaceBook) asking for any suggestions. The pair of topics I got back were “console vs. mobile [gaming]” and “minesweeper! expert speed runs!” They are both good topics too. I am definitely thinking about a Minesweeper speed run post now but I think I need to give my opinion on the other gamine subjects (consoles and mobile) before I can compare them.

How do I start this? I don’t think mobile games and console game go against each other. It’s definitely not the war the computer vs console gaming has right now. I think that console/computer gaming is on one side having their war while mobile gaming is on the other side just watching and doing it’s own thing. No one really sees the mobile gaming and trying to take over as the dominate way to play video games but it looks like it is going to do that without anyone noticing.

Most, if not all, gamers have a mobile phone. It doesn’t matter if they are a computer or a console player. When those gamers are away from their respected style of game they still want to play a game to pass some time. What do they turn to then? Mobile gaming because not everyone has a laptop and console gamers wouldn’t use it for games anyway. They don’t even count it as “gaming” because they only do it for 10-30mins at most but that amount of time can grow quickly over a week [for example] of casual playing. By the time the week is up, they’ve got close to 4 hours of play time on their mobile device if they only played once a day.

I was talking with my mom about the subject and she had another good point about mobile gaming. It is becoming increasingly popular to be playing a mobile game while you wait somewhere. It also allows people to play games where they don’t have to interact with other players. You say console and computer games have the same thing with single player game but the mobile person doesn’t have to stay in their house like a hermit. They can go out with their friends and get some game time in while they’re alone. It keeps people from placing you in the typical ‘gamer’ stereotype. The one that people think you’re a 35 year old fat man living in a basement of your mother’s house.

In the end, mobile gaming is going to take over but not completely. There is always going to be computer and console players. There will always be a war between the computer and console players but they will have common ground while they stand around because they’re both playing Angry Birds or Plants Vs. Zombies.